3 Ways You Can Develop A Growth Mindset For A Productive 2017

3 Ways YOU can Develop a Growth Mindset for a Productive 2017

As 2016 winds down, many of us are looking towards 2017 wondering what we can do to stretch and challenge ourselves in 2017. Will next year be the year you finally:

  • Improve your fitness.
  • Take a challenge that really excites you.
  • Improve an area of your life that needs some TLC.

Whatever your goal maybe, you need to approach it with a Growth Mindset. A belief that your skill level/ intelligence/knowledge can significantly improve with the right approach. These 3 ways will help you develop your Growth Mindset, that will in turn help you kick the butt of the goals you set yourself in 2017.

1.Know that talent is a myth.

How many times do you hear someone who has achieved a level of expertise in a particular field, being described as “a natural”?   You may do it yourself. As soon as the term “natural” is used it immediately gives an insight into the mindset of the person using it. That of  a “Fixed Mindset”. It indicates that there is belief that the high achiever has been born with talents. This maybe the case with physical attributes such as height and fast twitch fibres but in the vast majority of cases the expert is no different to you. Instead they have dedicated a part of their life to becoming an expert. I am yet to meet anyone who has achieved expertise who doesn’t have a back story that involves an incredible amount of time and effort geared towards achieving their success.

Remember this in 2017 – gain inspiration from watching experts. Learn what they have had to do in order to become so good. Take this approach into your goals and challenges.

2. Understand the role of myelin in learning.

Whenever you perform a skill or think a though it requires you to fire an electrical impulse down a pathway in your brain. You will do this thousands upon thousands of times a day. Your brain will recognise the pathways that are fired regularly and send myelin to those pathways. Myelin coats the pathway and enables the impulse to travel quicker. The more myelin that wraps around a pathway the smoother the skill looks. It may give the appearance of being natural. (see point 1) All that has happened in the performer has executed the skill thousands of time and produced lots of myelin.

So, in 2017 think about the skills that you are looking to improve. Are you dedicating enough practice in order to build up the myelin? Remember “you wire what you fire”

3. Success is a choice.

No one has ever become good at something that they didn’t want to become good at. There must be a burning passion inside of you or a reason why you want to achieve your challenge. Success is not an accident, it is a choice.

In 2017 pick challenges that excite you and have reasons why you want to improve

So, bring on 2017 – I’d love to hear the challenges that you set yourself and how well you are getting on.

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I’d usually say good luck, but luck has no part to play.


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2 thoughts on “3 Ways You Can Develop A Growth Mindset For A Productive 2017

  1. Peter Watson Reply

    I believe that in order to achieve success, the balance between attitude, repetitive practice, physical attributes and innate aptitude differs from player to player. Yes, innate aptitude; just because you can’t see it and the means by which to identify and measure it has not yet been devised, doesn’t mean it can’t exist, be part of the foundation for success. It is logical to conclude that if our physical characteristics are determined genetically, then mental characteristics can be, too. All can be influenced to some extent by the experience to which they are subjected, inadvertently or by design.

    • Richard Jones Post authorReply

      Hi Peter, thanks for taking the time out to read my blog post. It means a lot. I take on board what you have written and I certainly thought that way until recently but I simply can’t agree with your fixed mindset . As a cricket coach like you (I did a bit of googling – congrats on the contribution award!) I am yet to see some who has been born to hit, catch or bowl a ball. Those who have excelled (Tedulkar, Pontin or Kallis) always have a back catalogue of opportunity, undying motivation and hours and hours of deliberate practice that many people cannot begin to comprehend. And that goes for any field of expertise. If I do manage to find someone born with innate aptitude for something, anything, I’ll let you know. Thanks once again for the post, it is really appreciated.

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