1907958_10152940712085119_225552593873341922_nMy Story

I'm an dual international schoolboy who never made made the big time.I represented my country in both rugby and cricket  and I grew up in a world of praise and adulation and I believed every word.

From an early age I had developed a fixed mindset. I believed there was a ceiling to my talents and I just happened to hit them at about 16 which coincidentally, tied in my father's sudden death. My corner man had been taken away and I was left floundering. I hadn't developed a fight and I certainly didn't want anyone to criticise me. I was scared of failing and anxiety gripped my performances.

Where am I know?

Well that was 20 years ago and I must say I still reflect on those times - but I look from a different stand point now. I have a Growth Mindset. I just wish I had a been told what I know now, back then. I'm sure things would have turned out very differently. Not to say I'm not happy now - I'm living the dream. I'm a PE teacher with an amazing wife and 2 sport crazy kids. Both of whom are growing up with a growth mindset.

My setbacks have only made more more determined to spread the word of the GROWTH MINDSET and the impact that it can have on you and your family. I don't want people to fall short of their potential just because of their thought processes

So why the sweetspotlearning.com blog?

I've only just started to blog and it has to be the easiest way that I can share my experiences with as many people as possible. Being a teacher - I want to help teachers. Being a parent - I want to help parents and being a sportsman - I want to help sportsmen and women achieve their true potential. You won’t get any hard sells from me, long sales pages or fluffed up stuff – just real life case studies and recommendations based on my own experience.

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